Friday, February 14, 2014

FIFA World football (soccer) Ranking February, 2014.

FIFA/ Coca Cola world Football (soccer) ranking last updated on 13th February, 2014:

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According to last FIFA world football (soccer) ranking updated on 13 Feb 2014. Spain team still number one who got 1506 points. Second is Germany who got 1314 points, third is Argentina who got 1255  points,fourth is Portugal    who got 1219 points, fifth is Colombia who got 1211 points, sixth is  Switzerland  who got 1159 point, seventh is Uruguay who got 1157 points, eighth is  Italy who1135, ninth is Brazil who got 1125 points, tenth is Netherlands who got 1122 points, eleventh is  Belgium who got 1117 points, twelfth is  Greece who got 1084 points, thirteenth is USA who got 1044 points, fourteenth is Chile who got 1038 points and fifteenth is England who got 1032 points.


So you got the idea of top 15 FIFA World ranking football (soccer) teams which is given on the top of the picture. Next update for FIFA World football ranking will be release on  13 Mar, 2014 on FIFA"s website . You may also find later in this blog site when it will publish by FIFA.

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