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FIFA World Cup Football (Soccer) games 2014 going to held in Brazil. This year will be the 20th FIFA world cup. The 19th world cup football game was held in South Africa in 2010.

Brasil succeeded the bidding to arrange the 2014 World Cup Football (soccer) games which would be held between June twelfth and July thirteenth, 2014 and plannings have already began. The end time Brasil arranged the FIFA World Cup football (soccer) games was in 1950.

Twelve host cities, inward Brasil, were declared through FIFA while the official locales. Work has already commenced during upgrading and building up the brand-new sports stadium (venue)  to fit world-class standards. Brazil's substructure will also go through leading raises to transform them into New facilities.


On July eleven, 2010, SPAIN was the one crowned FIFA World cup Football tournament Champions inward soccer because they overcame Netherlands (Holland) inward the finals in the Republic of South Africa. It would be a different 4 years till the following 2014 FIFA World Cup football (soccer) games is played on several preparations happening between this period. This blog site is devoted to all matters of FIFA World Cup football 2014 and will put up soccer games online relevant info, free updates, football scores, current news and a lot more. Brazil couldn't join the 2010 World Cup Football, will 2014 be the year for Brazil to win the 2014 World cup football (soccer)?


Please visit official website of FIFA or Wikipedia to find out more about FIFA world cup football 2014 and their previous tournaments.

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