Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Football (soccer) Venues or Stadium | Arena Corinthians

2014 FIFA World Cup Football (soccer) Venue or Stadium-Arena Corinthians:

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FIFA world cup football (soccer) venue named Arena Corinthians located  in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This soccer (football) venue is the coming home sports stadium of the football (soccer) Club Corinthians Paulista. Field dimensions of this venue are 115 by 74 yd (105 by 68 meters). Construction cost is approximately R $1.15 Billion. 

When accomplished, football venue Arena Corinthians will be the 5th-largest sports stadium on the  leadership  of the Brazilian League & 11th-biggest in Brazil, with a holding capability of 48,234.The sports stadium (venue) will host six games of  FIFA World Cup football games (matches) 2014 along with the 1st (opening) World cup Football (soccer) games. Due to request of minimum 65,000 seats for the  FIFA World Cup 2014 (opening) 1st match,  19,800 (temporary) seats will be added to this sports stadium for the FIFA world cup tournament.

The football club chose to hold those (temporary) seats for eighteen calendar month after the 2014 FIFA World Cup football (soccer) games are  over. During this time, the seating capability will be 68,034, making the sports stadium (venue) the 2nd largest sports stadium in Serie A & the biggest private sports stadium in Brazil.